I thought I would start my first post with what I’m working on at the moment. My big focus currently is on getting the terrain for the board looking stunning. All I’ve really done so far is make sure that the stone work matches the type of stone found in the rocks on the game board, as far as I can see it doesn’t look great if you have say sandstone on the board and then pure white stone on the buildings (extreme example I know but run with it).

First up the woods. In terms of games these have been quite good with people hiding units in them in some games and people running stuff away from them as fast as possible in others, depending on what type of woods they are. They definitely look good on the table adding some nice variation, so far they are looking fairly good:



I’m really pleased with how these are going the trees have come out especially well. Usual stuff undercoated with chaos black, I stuck the tress down before painting some people don’t I prefer it to be in place for painting. So the ground is the dark brown from the GW scenery pack applied fairly quickly. Then using ochre from the pack again to dry brush the ground and the stones completely.

For the trees at the bottom its the same method for the stones. For the actual trees themselves I used steel legion drab all over. Once it had dried applied a very generous coating of Nuln Oil really filling the gaps in the bark and the branches. It will take ages to dry (it will look dry before it is so best to leave overnight). I wanted them to look worn and fit in with the theme of the board so I then dry brushed (very lightly, not very much) some snakebite leather (one of the older paints). Finally to give them a dusty look I took the ochre from earlier and dry brushed (again very lightly) all over the trees and roots.

When you get them in the box there are a couple of things that you can add such as signs scrolls extra pieces of rope. I chose not to add anything extra yet but I would love to do a conversion so that I could have a skeleton hanging from one of the trees with a scroll round its neck saying something like heretic, who knows!

Next stages. Well there are some tree details that need filling in on the base which need to be done as above for the trees. I then plan to lightly in some places add some flock (very patchy) over the bass so it again fits in with the board.

In the next post I’ll talk about how I have stuck together and painted up the Manor House.